Can You Trade-In Games at GameStop in Bulk?

Before you trade-in your used games at GameStop, you must find out how much you can earn from them. You can use the trade-in tool on the Gamestop website to see the values of different types of items. For example, a 500GB Xbox One Console with an Original Controller is worth around $70 in trade credit, while a Red Dead Redemption 2 game is worth $8. A Wii System with a Remote Plus is worth $20 trade credit, or $16 cash.

There are some exceptions to the general GameStop trade-in policy. Retro games are not accepted because the stores don’t have the necessary equipment to plug them in. However, if the game is in good working condition, it may still be worth trading it in. Additionally, Gamestop refurbishes some products to be resold in the future. However, certain kinds of games quickly lose value. Movie tie-in games and sports games, for example, tend to lose value quickly.

Before you trade-in your games at GameStop, make sure you store them in the original packaging and case. If you own a gaming console, you should clean it thoroughly before selling it. GameStop also has machines in the stores that test consoles. A store associate may plug your console in and check its working condition. If you are unsure, you can call GameStop to see if they’re able to fix your game discs.

Once you’ve figured out how to sell your games at GameStop, consider selling them to the retailer directly. Not only can you earn store credit or cash from your trade-ins, but you can also sell your used consoles for up to $150 or more. Gamestop even offers trade-in deals on new console bundles. It’s important to remember that the trade-in price for the used games at Gamestop is usually very low.

The video game industry is changing quickly and a trade-in program can be a valuable tool in the marketing strategy of an online retail store. Wal-Mart and Amazon have a video game trade-in program, but both stores offer higher prices than GameStop does. These stores will still continue to offer a better deal for used games. However, it will take time before GameStop begins offering bulk trade-in options. Until then, you should consider selling your games to online retailers. This will help you to get the most value for your money.

Before you begin trading-in your games, remember that GameStop has strict guidelines that must be met. The store has the right to keep a reasonable profit margin, which includes fees for packaging, shipping, wholesale distribution, commissions, and marketing. Discount retailers will do their best to strip these fees from their prices in order to make them look better. For example, a store like GameStop will offer you an incentive to trade-in your games in bulk. You should also consider this option if you’re a woman-owned business.

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